Recently, a signing ceremony of Gree PV multi VRF unit project was held in the sales headquarters of Phoenix Mart in Arizona, America. Craig McFarland, Mayor of Casa Grande, Liu Xiaoming, Executive Director of Phoenix Mart, Marshall Stahl, Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Mart, Jun Ouyang, Vice General Manager of Gree Overseas Sales Company, Zhao Zhigang, Director of Gree New Energy and Environment Technology Institute, and Andrew Lo, Gree American CAC Agent, attended the sigining ceremony.

Mayor Craig McFarland expressed Phoenix’s welcome and support to Gree. Mr. Marshall Stahl said, “As the representative of Chinese enterprises going to the world, Gree, with over 20 years’ high investment in R&D, has become the leader among AC manufacturers globally. In order to cope with energy and environmental problems, Gree has been actively explored the combination of new energy and air conditioner, thus Gree PV air conditioner was then developed. We had the same vision when preparing to construct the Phoenix Mart. That’s why we choose Gree.”

Jun Ouyang also made a speech, “America is one of the AC market that are with the strictest standard. In 2017, Gree engaged in the formulation of America AC National Standard. Today, Gree enters into Phoenix Mart; we hope to witness the rise of China’s intelligent products here.”

Gree Futuristic Technologies Serve the Largest Trade Platform in North and South America

Phoenix of Arizona is one of the fastest growing regions in America in recent years. Phoenix Mart, located in Phoenix, is the largest and most modern new brand center in North and South America with both online and offline business operational modes, integrating wholesales, Internet marketing and logistics trade exhibition.

Phoenix Mart, with a floor area of 600,000 m2, adopts Gree PV air conditioner with total cooling capacity of over 4,200 refrigeration tons, which is the largest PV air conditioning project in America and even in the world at present. It adopts over 1,200 sets of air conditioning equipment, and installed capacity of PV panel is over 6.7 megawatts.

Gree PV air conditioner adopts PV direct-driven technology. The air conditioning system can directly use the direct current generated from PV panel, which was initially developed in the industry. It can save at least 10% energy loss compared with traditional mode of PV panel and dc-to-ac converter.

The Gree’s 2nd generation PV multi VRF unit that was chosen in this project is an integrated PV multi VRF unit, which has five operating modes and can adapt to different operation environment by adjusting the function to select power generation, power consumption and power supply to public power grid.

It has integrated combining box, dc-to-ac converter and related technologies to greatly reduce the installation cost and save the space. The dc-to-ac converter is installed inside the air conditioner, thus there is no need to conduct daily maintenance for it.

In 2017, Gree PV Direct-driven Inverter Multi VRF Unit obtained the first PV Multi VRF Unit Certificate issued by UL Product Certification Authority.

Gree accelerates the development of new energy in overseas market

Facing with the great challenge of global climate change, concept of “low-carbon city” has become a common pursuit around the world.

According to related data, PV air conditioner is developing fast in the American market in recent years. America has become one of the fastest growing PV markets. Even though there were only two years for Gree Multi VRF Unit to enter into the American market, it greatly suits to the demand and feature of American PV market, showing a bright prospect.

At present, Gree has established 5,000 sets of PV systems in 22 countries and regions globally. Based on the PV air conditioning system, Gree further upgrades the whole program of power supply and power consumption, and promotes the construction of a new networking energy world, therefore G-IEMS is developed.

Arizona is one of the regions with the richest light resource in America or even the world. The Phoenix Mart PV Air Conditioner Project symbolizes a new step of Gree Multi VRF Unit in the American market, also a solid base for the promotion of Gree PV air conditioner in the world.

Phoenix Mart, and the coming training centers which will be established in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, will form a “new energy” road running through the southwest of America, which can provide a whole set of PV project solutions and better services for the local market, so as to improve energy use and the environment.

For the moment, Gree has established three CAC showrooms and training centers in North America, namely New York, Chicago, and Huston, which have performed the function of product exhibition, technical training, pre-sales consultation and after-sales service, etc.

PV air conditioner is only a reflection of Gree innovation. In 2018, Gree will continue to establish the fourth, the fifth and more CAC showrooms and training centers, to explore a special road for Chinese product to go abroad by focusing on responsibility, technology and quality.